Setting: Creative industry
: Better cohesion between the three company partners and a team of freelancers
Project: Regular leadership coaching of founder team and facilitated team building based on a simulation game designed along the lines of bricolage for change, growth and stability

Setting: Educational institution
: Exploring new pathways in intercultural management
Project: Experimental personal development workshop on coaching beyond words – the use of movement in coaching session. The experiential learning through the enactment of the coaching dialogue


Setting: Multinational for-profit company - services
: High-staff turnover
Project: Training/Reskilling of managers for increased awareness to include behavioral aspects in their team building capabilities

Setting: Multinational for-profit company - technology
: To better leverage the female high potential talent across a geographic region
Project: Interactive seminar contribution based on Timothy Gallway’s the inner game to increase the self-awareness of high potential women in their roles as catalysts in the organization – enhancing the underlining that they can make to organizational performance