Setting: Conference sponsored by the University of Vienna and the City of Vienna
Issue: Issues faced by highly qualified migrant women in their integration into a mobile workforce
Project: Co-moderation of the conference at the Expat Center Vienna, 2013
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Setting: International public sector institution
Issue:  Comprehensive staff development in face of an usual demographic distribution of staff and low attrition rates
Project: Member of task force: assessment and recommendation of the adjustment of policies and implementation of these to foster better organizational agility. The final report included a strategic change master plan and mind map


Setting: International non-profit sector
Issue: Understanding the impact of the introduction of strategic knowledge management measures on the agile change ability of the organizational entity
Project: Qualitative case study methodology, interviews and documents data analysis, written report on findings and recommendations

Setting: Multinational for-profit company - technology
Issue: To better leverage the female high potential talent across a geographic region
Project: Interactive seminar contribution based on Timothy Gallway’s the inner game to increase the self-awareness of high potential women in their roles as catalysts in the organization – enhancing the underlining that they can make to organizational performance


Setting: International public sector institution
Issue: Increase number of female staff and staff from under-represented member nations
Project: Comprehensive analysis of the state-of-play and possible causes for the current scenario; design of extensive outreach program to mitigate the issues at stake with existing resources (bricolage)