This offer of services is based on the discipline of organizational psychology and focuses on behaviors and attitudes at the workplace.

A person and systems-oriented approach for change management bricolage and experiential learning is used to support leveraging the creative and innovative potential within organizations.

These co-learning interventions aim to enable organizations to create sustainable resilience and thrive in disruptive times by building their own unique capacity for agility.

Read a recent interview (in German) on HR Web published in April 2020 about her work.


Neha offers one-on-one senior strategic leadership and management coaching in a broad segment of industries and organisations. Coaching at the workplace atelier is viewed as a self-reflective learning session which aims to create alternative actionable pathways and to support value-driven strategic decisions.

Her career design coaching specifically aims at supporting portable careers and career transformations, as well as all aspects of the full job search.

Neha also acts as a sparring partner and sounding-board for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

All coaching sessions are offered internationally, in English and German, and are mostly conducted online.


Neha offers tailor-made learning workshops for building, translating team identity and vision into strategic action with the aim of enhancing team cohesion for excellence, effectiveness, efficiency and agility.

Her role is to shape and co-design these interventions with her clients as well as to facilitate and to moderate the retreats and workshops.

Typically the focus is on innovation, conflict resolution, knowledge sharing, diversity and inclusiveness as well as agile capability building.


Neha offers in-depth experience and insight in human resource management and organisation development issues, particularly in international settings. As a strategic sparring partner she offers keynote speeches, inspirational talks and conference moderation on organisational psychology topics.

Her advisory work is the case-study based design of learning initiatives for the development and sustainability of bricolage-based agile organisational culture.

She is an academic author and lecturer.