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hands-on advisory based on the discipline of organizational psychology to support actionable change management bricolage and organizational agility, leadership development and team cohesion as well as workplace coaching and career design.



the workplace atelier is a creative and innovative advisory which focuses on behaviors and attitudes at the workplace.

The services are designed to “think, feel, take action to add meaning and value”. They are supported by field-based research, academic teaching and expert dialogue.

A wide range of clients have engaged the services at the workplace atelier. These include social entrepreneurs and start-ups, large public sector organizations such as the United Nations, Fortune 500 companies to NGOs and educational institutions like the United World Colleges, to name a few.

the workplace atelier

about Neha


Neha Chatwani is the founder of the workplace atelier. She is an organizational psychologist, certified systemic coach and change facilitator. She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Vienna and a Doctorate in Business Administration from the Grenoble Ecole de Management. As a graduated Bharatanatyam dancer and movement practitioner, Neha offers a holistic approach to her work.

Following a corporate career in Human Resources Management and Organizational Development at renowned employers, Neha reignited her passion for organizational psychology and founded the workplace atelier. Her services support individuals and teams in organizations who strive for excellence in disruptive times. Through change
management bricolage, coaching and facilitation, She inspires to make a difference by challenging mainstream management assumptions. Her philosophy for work is driven by her belief that each individual is truly valuable and has the innate leadership potential to make a unique and  meaningful contribution in everything they do at work . . . and in life!

Neha is an established key note speaker and author in her field who has written for Forbes and the Peter Drucker Forum and has written a book on Organizational Agility. She has edited a volume on Distributed Leadership. She volunteers as an integration ambassador and serves on the advisory board of Frauendomaene.




Neha is the fearless organizational psychologist who stays on to tie up the loose threads and help pick up the pieces after all the other consultants have left. In the spirit of kintsugi, dysfunctionalities are re-assembled to become beautiful, inspiring and new. This is what is meant by change management bricolage. It is an appreciation for the human resource and the diversity of talent in organizations that brings about and sustains innovation and agility through learning and well-being.



Let’s do what it takes and learn together. Leadership is not only about individuals it is also about teams. Neha offers carefully crafted needs-based tailored-made workshops, retreats, team building seminars for co-learning. Using a toolkit of methods a range of topics can be addressed from diversity to distributed leadership, agility and innovation.

Services aimed at all levels and functions of the organization, as well as start-ups and not-for-profit entities.

Emerging topics include managing in times of uncertainty, building resilient teams, fostering engagement and focus for innovation, developing an agile mindset, leveraging diversity.


Executive coaching supports (self)-leadership development and team cohesion. 

Workplace coaching is a self-reflective, individual or team learning session which aims to create alternative actionable pathways, resolve conflicts and to support value-driven decisions in response to the work environment.

Career design coaching specifically aims to inspire portable careers and career transformations, as well as support all aspects of the full job search.

All coaching is also provided online in English and German.



Neha is an academic in the field of management and has collaborated with a number of academic institutions in Europe and in India. Among other written contributions her guest commentaries include Forbes (2020) and the Peter Drucker Forum (2019). She has also authored a book on Organizational Agility  and edited a volume on Distributed leadership: The dynamics of balancing leadership with followership.

Neha’s speaking engagements include the All India Management Association, OP Jindal University, the Diplomatic Academy Vienna, Citrix, European Forum Alpbach, HR Round Table OSCE, BML Munjal University Hero Group.

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